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Your faith is new, so what? It doesn’t matter how long you are walking in Christ, He saved you from getting lost because He loves you, and not because He measures your years in faith. — JENINE SILOS

Love is a Spiritual Agent

Definition of Love

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Love is a spiritual agent in which science could not perfectly explain. And because God is not science, nor limited to science, the perfect explanation is then found in Him, and in Him alone. If you seek it through Him, love will be known to you.

Love is not a scientific theory, nor is it a chemical fluid that supplements our body or brain. Love is more than science, and it is far greater than science. It is more than a feeling, it is more than an emotion. Love exceeds that of a sentiment, because it accompanies commitment and servitude. It is not just a feeling; it is a character, an attitude, and even more than that.

The definition of love varies in terms of field and interest. Even psychology could not entirely grasp its entirety. Science could not perfectly define love, and until now people keep on debating as to why humans have such thing under their skins.

“…..human love is tough to study with the tools of science. For one thing, our definition of “love” is complex. You might love your child, your cocker spaniel, milk chocolate and the first snow of the season – each in a different way.” — The Chemistry of Love


Should Christians Watch Anime?

Should Christians Watch Anime?

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In my own opinion, when it comes to Christianity, this question can be a ‘yes’ and it can be a ‘no’. Everything I discuss here is just my perspective, an opinion mostly biased to my own experiences, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that I force this insight to the readers. This, however, is something that every Christian needs to know. I hope I made this clear to everyone who is reading this. My purpose in writing this is only to make the readers, most notably Christians, evaluate their selves.

To me, Christians can watch anime for a simple reason that it doesn’t bring you to hell, just because you watch anime doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doomed to that place where gnashing of teeth and eternal fire is ever present. No, you won’t be doomed to hell just because you watch Naruto!

Before I proceed, let us first evaluate who we are. It is very important to note that we must know our real identity, when I say identity I do not mean our birth names, or our status in the world, what I mean is our identity in Christ.

Who Are We? What’s our Identity?

We’re Christians. We’re not just simply believers, are we? We’re born again in Spirit and in Truth. We are saved not because of our good works. We are saved notbecause we’re actively participating in church ministries—but we are saved because we believe and accept that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Salvation is about Christ who died for us on the cross for our redemption; His amazing grace and love for us. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God who became a Man to fulfill the will of His Father who sits in the heavenly throne. We are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8), and if we truly believe on that, we are freed from our tragic destiny—hell. But once we accept Jesus, we don’t only believe (James 2:20), but we follow Him, because you see, faith without action is dead. We become His, our old self has passed away and we become a new creation. That’s our identity! We are bought with a price–Jesus’ blood on the cross!

2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

John 1:12 ESV

But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God,

Now that we’re clear with our identity, let’s settle with the following question.

Is it wrong for a Christian to watch anime?

  • No, it is not wrong. You don’t sin because you watch anime, or a movie, unless of course, if the anime you’re watching doesn’t conform to the will of the Father. What I mean is that, if you’re watching an anime that displays nudity, extreme worldly practices, and blasphemes God, it then becomes spiritually WRONG for a Christian to watch it. Come on, if you’re a real Christian and loves Christ, why would you love watching an anime that contradicts His teachings? It just doesn’t seem right.
  • If you’re watching an anime only for entertainment, it isn’t wrong, too, as long as you’re not completely indulging yourself into it, to a point that you’re idolizing the characters and the unrealistic story that it presents.  Remember, anime characters are purely fictional.


5 Ways on How to Stop an Argument

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howtostopargumentArguing each other isn’t a simple matter, no matter where you look at it, especially when the argument is so heated that might result into shouting and pointing fingers. Some arguments are foolish and full of nonsense things, some are out of pride and geniuses, while others are caused by proving one’s superiority and intellect all because he hates to lose.

James 3:17 ESV But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

If you’re a spiritual person, heated argument is something you must not come into practice—don’t make it a lifestyle! Arguing isn’t highly recommended, even if it’s just intended for a joke. But if you’re trapped in a heated argument, or discussion, or if someone leads you to debate which you cannot escape because it is often inevitable, the following ways might help you. It may not apply to all, but there is always someone out there who might need this.

  1. Do a business talk! If you feel like the discussion is nearly beyond limit, you take the initiative to make it stop. Encourage the other party that there’s no point in debating, encourage him as if you’re selling your product, meaning, do it in a pleasant, professional way! If both of you have different grounds then it’s useless, going any further might result to a more heated discussion.
  2. Don’t frown, keep smiling. If you’re at your limit, take a deep breath and smile. Just like that, yes, smile as if you’re facing a clown with his big, red lips, or simply imagine McDonalds in front of you, wait, I think that’s creepy. But if the person keeps on throwing words at you, keep smiling still, smile and reply no more. Shortly then, he will feel awkward at your smiling that shouting at you isn’t any more fit into the situation.
  3. Eat your pride. Be humble instead. This is simple, and very basic knowledge, but it is very hard to do without the grace of God! But you see, if both of you are prideful then stopping an argument is quite a struggle to both sides. Pride is not a soap (okay I’m humoring), it’s a destructive attitude that will always make you want to win any argument. Take the first step to let it go, and embrace humility, even if it means losing the discussion.
  4.  Stop and stare. So you’re done presenting your view, and he’s done also, and yet he isn’t satisfied so he keeps on muttering arguments at you, then I highly recommend that you be silent. Don’t throw replies anymore, you know it’s pointless already. I highly recommend that in the midst of his blabbering, you stop. Then stare at the person’s eyes with seriousness, or, in a very comical way. Keep mute and just stare at him or her, more likely, he will say, “What?” Good then if that’s the case, you can tell him, “Are you done? Because, well, I’m done. So, let’s eat?”
  5. Read Mark 12:31. And be reminded.

What are your other thoughts on how to stop an argument? It’s my pleasure to hear more from you, too. List it below!

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God bless the works of our hands and thoughts!

Let it Go

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Let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore. Turn away and slam the door.

This song has been ringing a lot these days. Admit it, you like the song. I like it, too. The beat, the lyrics, and everything of it. The sisterhood essence of the movie Frozen has contributed greatly to its success, and well, the story is heartwarming.

We encounter events in our life on which we feel like we can’t hold it any longer–the pressure, the problems, the issues, and personal matters. Count me in, will you? Because I do have such events in my life, too. I’m a human being alright, and thank God, I’m a Christian woman.

If we feel pressured to the point that we can’t hold back anymore, what do we do? Cry? Give up? Or do we simply ignore the feeling–a passivity? If you’re going to ask me, I rather cry than ignore it. I don’t really recommend passiveness. Passivity is never been good. And oh, please forgive me God, for I am quite a victim of this trap!

Anyway, how about we try to twist some words…

Let it go. Let it go! Don’t hold it back anymore. Turn around and pray to the Lord~

I think I didn’t quite rhyme the lyrics but, oh well, rhyming isn’t the point here. My point is the context of the whole thought. Even though I like the song, I don’t agree with the whole context of the message, I mean, why would you turn away and slam the door–from who? From everyone else? That’s isolation, isn’t it? I don’t think that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross just to isolate ourselves in the end.


A Cosplayer Who Abandoned Costume Play

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Cosplay is the shortened term for “costume play.” A cosplay event then is a gathering where anime lovers, fanatics, and cosplayers engage together for fun and activities. It’s an event where colored wigs are worn everywhere. Youths wear gigantic costumes and weapons, and each of them are portraying the anime character of their choice. Some years ago, I was one of those youths. A cosplayer.

Hello, that’s me in purple, by the way.

I was an anime freak, err, fanatic. I think I can categorize myself as “otaku” way back before. I really loved watching cosplays. Honestly, my friend and I used to watch cosplay events every now and then. When I was a freshman in college, I joined an anime club at my university. I used to attend our club meetings and participate in our team buildings.

And sometimes, when there was a cosplay event happening in the mall, all of us in the anime club, organized by our Club President, would go together in that cosplay event. I remember back then that we rented a jeepney just to cater all of us.

Every time I went to a cosplay event, I used to wear clothes that would reflect the event. My friends used to tell me, “Are you cosplaying, too?” That’s how fanatic I was, to a point that I wanted to be like them—the animes or the cosplayers. We would watch the event together, and we would sit together, shouting and giggling every time we see a favorite cosplayer.

Then I came to a point in my life that I wasn’t just watching the event. I was PART of the cosplay event! I cosplayed. My friend (I call her Tine) was very supportive of me and she helped me from start to finish. To both of us, it was a breakthrough that I would do the costume playing. In fact, I wasn’t just going to walk around to flaunt my costume, but I actually joined the contest. I had my own acting script and I went on stage—in front of many judges and people whom I don’t know. I walked on stage with the demeanor of a man, with the grace of a noble, and bearing with me the arrogant yet sophisticated act. I even threw a red rose to the audience at the final scene and I heard everyone shouting and giggling—but to the present me, I find it disturbing (insert sighing here).

On that day I wasn’t myself, I was somebody else. I wasn’t a woman, I was a man. I kept reminding myself that it wasn’t me, that I was portraying the character which people loved, and therefore, I should satisfy their desire to look at me as if I was really that anime character, and then completely abandon my own. I thought it was alright, that it wouldn’t offend God. Why would God be offended? I couldn’t understand why He would. Because as long as I didn’t hurt anyone, I’m good. We’re good. But I was wrong.

Why is God offended?

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The More You Know God, the More You Don’t Know

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My Philosophy teacher used to tell us in his class, “The more you know, the more you don’t know.” I couldn’t understand what he was trying to imply before—I mean, what? I always thought it should be “the more you know, the more you know!” Right?

Well, he was actually right.

In a Christian life, this principle applies best. The more I draw near to God, and the more I know Him, the more I realized that there are a lot of things that I still don’t know about God. And believe me, even my life span here on earth could not know it all. I could not know everything! Could you?

Every time I study His word, the more I understand that God is too knowledgeable, too intelligent, and too wise for me to comprehend. The more I know about God’s principles, the more I understand that God is not bound in TIME, and therefore, the more I don’t know. Why? Because I’m a human being. I am bound in time. My life here on earth is bound in time. But God’s time is not. When I go to heaven, and face God, I believe even then I still would not know everything about God.

But God doesn’t see how big you have known Him, and that’s great. What matters most to God is how you have truly believed in His Son, and how you have accepted that Jesus died on the cross for us to be saved—in your heart, soul, and mind.


Don’t Cry For Me

(Originally published at WriteforACause.Org)

I pray to the Lord that all my thoughts and even my heart will be filled with Him—Jesus. I want to think of Him every day and night, so that my soul will be filled with His unconditional love, and not be bothered by the earthly concerns. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And I don’t know what will happen later. Things happen when you least expect. Right now, I’m alive and that alone is a blessing.

for the love of GodI owe my every breath to God. Four years ago, I could have died due to a severe asthma attack. But God let me live for another four years, you see. I am truthfully thankful because within those years I was able to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I am thankful to God because He let me live in order for me to know Him more. I couldn’t wish for more. I must say, however, that four years were not enough to understand the greatness of our God. It’s not enough to study His word and it’s not enough to pay what He has done to my life. In fact, a lifetime of a healthy life is not enough. The greatness of our God is too vast and wide that no human being could try to fathom it.

I’m writing all these because the Lord has been good to me ever since I was born, in fact, I was still in my mother’s womb and He has been good to me. I’m writing this because I want my family to know that there is nothing to worry about. Whatever happens to me there is nothing to worry about. I want them to know that even if I die now, they must not cry for me. No, please don’t cry for me. Death is not to be feared of, if I happen to embrace mine, please don’t be sad. Especially to my father. I love you all.

And I also want you to know, whoever you are, that there’s nothing to worry about with your personal struggle because God is with you. You just have to be sensitive to His presence.


Anime Survey

I plan to create a survey from the readers. I’m writing a book about anime fanaticism. I have completed about 12 chapters but there are still more to add about the topic. Perhaps if you may or may not, your answers and opinions will help me in brainstorming.

If you are anime lover, please tell me about your side and choose to answer at least one question from the following:

  1. Do you think anime is good? Yes or No, and Why?
  2. What benefits do you gain by watching Japanese cartoons?
  3. Do you know what’s the history of anime? What’s your opinion about it? Kindly share it with us.
  4. Share some of your experience with anime fanaticism.
  5. Do you think God is pleased with this kind of entertainment?
  6. How do you think anime is different from other entertainment?

That’s it. Thanks a lot and I will certainly appreciate your efforts and answers! Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, please spread the survey!!! The more, the better.

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Writeforacause is officially active with a new and refreshing look!

New posts and articles are not hosted here any longer, we’re moving on to a new hosting site but with the same domain. Please come and check us out at: — surely, you’ll do as a favor. Also to my previous followers in this blog, you can follow us again via Jetpack Email Subscription as shown at the bottom of site. Please come and check the new site! Thanks!!

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The old look of WFC was not bad or anything. However, because the website is currently receiving more likes, views, email subscriptions, readers and follows, (more twitter followers than facebook actually, since I don’t share a lot via facebook) I realized that I needed to come up with a new design for the website–one that is for WriteForACause and not just a common theme. Here are some facts, questions, and credits more possibly, contributing to WFC’s upgrade. But before that, I want to give all the thanks and glory and honor to the God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Israel, to whom all my honor is due to Him.

HAPPY FACTS: I wanted to create a new design for Writeforacause, one that is refreshing and is pleasing to the eyes. I wanted to self-host this site to a hosting site other than WordPress, wherein I can manipulate the codes and everything without limitation.

SAD FACTS: Considering all the cost for the guided transfer, hosting plan, and purchasing new theme, there is no way I can achieve my happy facts. I can only afford the domain purchases, not any more upgrades.

So why did I have to recreate the site’s look? Is it really necessary?

It is not necessary to modify the site’s theme. What’s more important is the content and the message of the writer(s). But since opportunity arises, I do believe that God has orchestrated everything in order.

God’s Perfect Timing #1: I was a part-time webmaster of a client named Coach Gary Micheloni, America’s project manager since February this year. However, I have been idle for two months or more I think. Meaning, I didn’t have any more works from him since the last time I completed some task. But last week, I received an email from him bearing the good news that I’m back to work–again? Yeah, again. I was kind of happy since I didn’t have to work facing codes and computers, but with my client’s comeback it also means I’m coming back to work. So come to think of it, I can exercise my IT skills again and at the same time I’ll get paid and the little salary I gain is just enough to survive the internet bills, or…at least. Because I’m back to work then I can further invest for my future writing career.

God’s Perfect Timing #2: Getting back to work means getting in touch with my client via emails. While completing the recent task at hand, God reminded me about upgrading this site. Upgrading, I mean, getting a better place (hosting site) for WFC. If I self-host this site to a hosting plan, then it will be easy for me to create and modify the website’s look without paying a professional webmaster. Because, well, why would I pay a webmaster when I myself is a webmaster? The only thing about my work is that I don’t own anything, all the accounts I manage, including the reseller account in Hostgator, are my client’s property. I’m only managing his accounts.  This is a webmaster thingy, so I think not all can understand this matter. In short, though I’m a webmaster I don’t have the fund to purchase upgrades and hosting plan.  I believe God has reminded me about the hosting plan, because when He reminded me about it, I realized one thing I have not realized before: I have a client who owns a reseller account in a hosting site! This means that I can actually email my client and ask to avail his hosting account and just deduct the cost from my little salary. Why not?


Is watching anime a sin?

A teenager once asked, “Is anime a sin? ‘Cause I’m trying to love God more. I know war is a sin, but what if you’re going for the good guys. Or what if it’s just a regular anime?”

Here’s my point. Literally, watching anime is not a sin. Yeah, right. In fact, I’m writing a book about it wherein I discuss the matter more specifically. Watching anime is just like you’re watching an indie film, or Discovery Channel,  wherein you acquire some information and at the same time you are being entertained. If I’m going to directly answer the question “Is watching anime a sin?” then the answer is no. However, there are many things to consider when it comes to anime. There are several “but” about this matter. In a more literal sense,  anime itself is not a sin but the way you handle your emotion while watching anime is another thing. That is just one of the many cases. Because there are many.

People, especially teenagers, who are hooked up with Japanese animation consider this merely as a form of entertainment. I do not argue about that, anyway, since it’s the fact. However, everyone must consider that if watching anime replaces your responsibilities and quiet time with God, then you are totally guilty in the eyes of the LORD. Watching anime becomes a sin when you spend time on it more than you spend time with God. Uh-oh. I don’t want to sound like a preacher here, but, I have to include a verse that supports my claim.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. (Joshua 1:8 ESV)

It is God’s command that we should meditate on His word. Not only that, it says day and night. If we read the scriptures then we will know the principles of God and the things that pleases Him, including the things that displeases Him. God is not pleased when His children are so busy doing other things, when in fact He should be prioritized above anything else.

In this case, if you are watching anime and spending more time on it, then let me ask you a question: are you spending a quiet time with God? Can you compare your prayer time from how long you’re watching anime stuffs?

If you want to love God more then you should be more concern of how to grow your relationship with the Father. We should not try to love God. But we should love God with all our heart, with all our mind, and with all our soul. That is the greatest commandment of the LORD!

I was once an anime lover before, and honestly, I cosplayed, too. And this is a viewpoint of a former cosplayer who abandoned the animeland in the pursuit of following Christ…

“If watching anime is your priority in life, if you spend more time on it than anything else, then I tell you for certain, it is indeed a sin. And you are accountable of it in the Judgment Day.”

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

Don’t Swallow Your Emotion. Lest Suicidal Spirit Comes After You.

Suicide issues are now so common. Dishearteningly sad. It is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. In the Philippines, at least one Pinoy commits suicide every day according to a study by Natasha Goulbourn Foundation. Its major cause is depression and lack of hope.

In most cases, people who have suicidal attempts at the back of their brain are often recognizable by their lack of interest in life, and their depression is visible on their faces. And here I thought that merry and energetic people could be less expected to have suicidal attempts. Unfortunately, of course, I thought wrong. Because even those people who are always merry and happy-go-lucky in their lives, they actually have deep source of sorrow and depression within.

Recently, and just this week, a friend of mine and a classmate, has been admitted to the hospital. The reason? He attempted suicide. In fact, he did not attempted suicide—he did really commit suicide by drinking a mixed of muriatic acid and baygon. Fortunately, God has still a plan for his life and has given him a chance to live because someone from his boarding house saw him in his room and brought him immediately to the nearest hospital. Right now he has a third degree burn on his throat and lungs. Eventually, he could not eat any solid neither drink a water. But he lives.

I was surprised, of course, when I heard the news about his suicide attempt. He was someone who was so merry, happy-go-lucky, energetic, and a very active person. I especially like his karate moves and techniques (he’s a black belter). He even taught us about his turning back kick, a defense move good for emergency cases, especially that we are girls. When we’re in a group, he was often the one who initiates the laughing scene.

We’re not that close, but I know that he doesn’t share his emotions to anyone including his closest friends. He keeps it to himself. He was someone who could not dare to share what his real insights and feelings are. One of his close friends said to me, “He thought he was left alone. That no one is on his side anymore. He couldn’t tell us because he was afraid that we won’t understand.”

It’s because of our deep concern of our emotions that we are blinded to see the truth and the real beauty of life. Humans are so emotional. Our emotions come from God because God has emotions. However, our emotions are full of fleshly desires and we rely to our own understanding.

People disregard God’s emotions because they are so concern of their own feelings. Whatever they feel they keep it to themselves especially when they don’t know how to share. Until they come to a point that they cannot contain the emotions any longer. Then they will start questioning, WHY? Why…why…of all people, it’s me? Most often than not, they will blame God for the perils and unceasing struggles happening in their lives.

And they miss one thing…

They keep their emotions to themselves alone, instead of laying them down to God.  

We often forgot that in everything we do, in whatever we face, we should always remember God. We are so concern of our own struggles and principles that we forgot to look up to God to ask for His guidance and mercy. If we keep our emotions to ourselves, and when we dwell on it not looking up to God, someone is actually rejoicing for you—Satan. The enemy is legalistic and he will use your difficult situation against you. He will use your own emotion against you. And against God. The devil will inflict negatives thoughts to your mind and if you don’t trust in the LORD, the spirit of suicide will surely come after you.

If you dwell on your own emotions so much, negative thoughts will reinforce in your mind. It’s always better to engage in a small spiritual group, or to learn to speak out your emotions to someone you trust, because in that way you will be guided. If you share what’s bothering you inside then there’s a greater chance to avoid loneliness and hopelessness. Because you will receive advises and counsels. And you will have more understanding about the situation and you not only dwell on your own.

If you know someone who is currently depressed and sad, approach that person in whatever way you can. You do not know…you might be the person that God has sent to save that depressed person from his current dilemma.

Conclusion: Do not dwell on your own emotions and understanding. Always look up to God whose heart can be trusted. Look for someone you can share your emotions and problems with, in that way you will receive counsel and advise. More importantly, do not entertain the spirit of suicide and loneliness. Because we don’t have the right to kill our lives, for it is not our own.

“Be not overly wicked; neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?”(Ecclesiastes 7:17 ESV) 

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

Submission to Authority

Continuation of The Thing You Really Love is Sometimes the Thing You Have to Give Up.


I’ve cut my hair. And everyone who knew me, including those people I know from when I was still unbeliever, was surprised. My sister, too, quite laughed at me when she saw my new short hair. Well, it’s not a big deal now, by the way.

From elementary to my first year in college, I always had a short hair. Even shorter than my hair now. That was the first time in history that I’ve gotten my hair that long, and that was also the reason why I did not want to cut it short. When Ate Ann (my spiritual leader) told me to cut it, she did really mean it, and I was having a hard time whether to agree to her or not.

The night when she told me to cut my hair, I was not able to contain the thought and I could not get to sleep. I went to the table and wore a complicated face. I saw my Bible. At first, I was hesitant to open it because I was feeling half-hearted to know God’s answer. But the conviction in my heart was very deep and it was getting on my nerves–you know that feeling when you feel like God wants to make you understand about something? That kind of feeling. I know that there is something I have to understand. But I was somehow afraid to face it because my hair was involved. Gah! So I struggled even though the matter was not actually big enough.

Nonetheless, God’s will is more powerful than a man’s will. So eventually, I opened my bible. It’s the only way for me to get a peaceful sleep. I scanned some pages in the book and I stumbled upon this word: submission. And I was like, yeah right.

My heart was like, thump thump thump. Gottya. An echoing thought entered my mind, “You said you’ll give up your everything to me. You said it, didn’t you, that you will surrender your life to me? You said that you want to die every day for My sake. You wrote it up. That you are not living for yourself any longer, but you are living for me. Why then are you asking me if it’s wise to cut your hair? Are you hesitating? Can you not give up your hair?”

That’s it. And I said to myself, so this is the reason why I feel so uneasy. God wants me to understand about submission. So I prayed for God’s forgiveness for my delayed respond and for my child-like reaction to Ate Ann. Later, when I was facing the computer I accessed my account in Facebook and changed my status in relation to my final decision: to cut my hair. Immediately after posting that status, a former teacher of mine from college, hit me a message:

“Hi. How are you? Hmnn, I hope you don’t mind. I’m just curious. Why cut your hair short? I’ve just remembered a verse something about short hair and long hair.”

I was surprised to see a message from my former teacher, but I replied, “Hello, Ma’am. I’m doing good by God’s grace. Yes, I’m really going to cut my hair. My spiritual leader advised me to. Even though I don’t want to cut it, I still have to because I have to submit to what she ordered me to do. She said she wanted to see the way I respond to her advise, whether I’d be willing to submit to her or not.”

In the next message, she included a verse, “New International Version (©1984) but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering. 1 Corinthians Chapter 11.”

I replied to her, “Yes, ma’am. I have read that also. But I also have to submit to authority. I do believe she has a purpose why she commanded me to cut it.”

“Yes, I understand. Test of faith. If you believe that it will glorify God, then you know what to do.”

“Test of faith! Indeed, ma’am. This is how I understand this: If I cannot submit to my leader, how then can I submit to the One who is King and LORD of Lords? If I cannot be trusted over little, then I cannot be trusted over something big. Something like this, ma’am.”

“Oh, yes, it’s biblical. It might be hard for you. But if that is what the Lord tells you, you really have to take heart. Your leader is accountable of you, and I’m sure she will not put you to harm. Whatever her motive is your response will not be in vain because the Lord knows that you are doing it for His glory.”

“AMEN! I’m blessed to have a conversation with you tonight.”

“You are welcome. I’m also so blessed with your fellowship.”

And that conversation in Facebook ended. I just smiled at my teacher’s commentary. That night, I texted Ate Ann that I’m going to cut my hair for real. And I had a peaceful sleep.

It was morning. After my devotional I always have a short time in checking this site, to post daily verse and daily quotes and so on. Most of the time, I also check my facebook account. And when I opened it that morning, I received a message from Ate Ann. It said:

“Hi Neen! Good morning. Are you stressed? Oops, were you pressured? Haha. Well, it was actually okay for me whatever you do with your hair. I just really wanted to see your reaction last night if there’s a sudden change in your life–I only used your hair! I want you to come out in your shell, my dear. Because the LORD really has something for you. I want you to come out in your comfort zone. In fact, I’ve noticed many things, but let’s remove them step by step. Let’s ask the grace of God and in that way He can use you more! Okay. Love yah!”

And I was like, oh yeah. I was then thankful that the LORD gave me an understanding about this matter. Indeed, Ate Ann really have a purpose why she wanted me to cut my hair.

I wanted to see your reaction if there’s a sudden change in your life…

And to be honest, I almost failed to meet Ate Ann’s expectation. But by God’s grace, I was able to understand my spiritual leader’s motive. To God be the glory in everything!

Conclusion: Submission to authority must be a lifestyle of every Christian.

Lesson learned: God is far more concerned with an attitude of submission than an outward display of submission via a head covering (in this case, a long hair).

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

The LORD our God is a Literal God.

Some say that Christians are taking up the scriptures so literally, and indeed, we are literal. Because we have a literal God. He is very literal and he does not tolerate inaccuracies and fallacies nor the ignorance of men, in one way or another, the Truth will be made known to them.

As such, when a Christian is convicted to share what is in his heart to his fellow men, an unbeliever would find his ways to repel what has been said, for he is blinded by his own principles. When you quote verses among them, some would probably say, “Don’t quote me with your verses. You’re taking it so literally.” Unfortunately, for the unbelievers who keep denying the Truth for their own principles, they miss one thing: that is to know that, indeed, we Christians are taking the scriptures and the principles of God literally. It is because our God is literal Himself!

What does it mean to be literal? It means that our God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Israel is an actual, Living God, and is not exaggerated or inaccurate; his principles are not overstated; and His words and commandments and laws were not written for the sake of historical importance but they’re there for us to read it and know that He is God.

God is literal for He is accurate and true to His word. But God also works in mysterious ways that it is difficult for a man to understand it, for His works are not comparable with the works of men. He is indeed literal to his commandments and laws, nonetheless, in the scriptures Jesus also speaks in parables so that people can relate to it to life and make an understanding out of it.

The scriptures is literal. It is not inconsistent. It is not inaccurate nor exaggerated, as some others claim it to be. Many are parables that Jesus has spoken, yet in his parables and illustrations they are all true and literal regarding to the lives of men. What has been written on it can still be observed up to this day, even till the end of age.

I do not force you to read the scriptures, but I am suggesting that there is no better option than to read the word of God. Only then you will know that God is a literal God: He is not inaccurate, nor his principles and laws.

Be still. And know that He is God.

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.