Submission to Authority

Continuation of The Thing You Really Love is Sometimes the Thing You Have to Give Up.


I’ve cut my hair. And everyone who knew me, including those people I know from when I was still unbeliever, was surprised. My sister, too, quite laughed at me when she saw my new short hair. Well, it’s not a big deal now, by the way.

From elementary to my first year in college, I always had a short hair. Even shorter than my hair now. That was the first time in history that I’ve gotten my hair that long, and that was also the reason why I did not want to cut it short. When Ate Ann (my spiritual leader) told me to cut it, she did really mean it, and I was having a hard time whether to agree to her or not.

The night when she told me to cut my hair, I was not able to contain the thought and I could not get to sleep. I went to the table and wore a complicated face. I saw my Bible. At first, I was hesitant to open it because I was feeling half-hearted to know God’s answer. But the conviction in my heart was very deep and it was getting on my nerves–you know that feeling when you feel like God wants to make you understand about something? That kind of feeling. I know that there is something I have to understand. But I was somehow afraid to face it because my hair was involved. Gah! So I struggled even though the matter was not actually big enough.

Nonetheless, God’s will is more powerful than a man’s will. So eventually, I opened my bible. It’s the only way for me to get a peaceful sleep. I scanned some pages in the book and I stumbled upon this word: submission. And I was like, yeah right.

My heart was like, thump thump thump. Gottya. An echoing thought entered my mind, “You said you’ll give up your everything to me. You said it, didn’t you, that you will surrender your life to me? You said that you want to die every day for My sake. You wrote it up. That you are not living for yourself any longer, but you are living for me. Why then are you asking me if it’s wise to cut your hair? Are you hesitating? Can you not give up your hair?”

That’s it. And I said to myself, so this is the reason why I feel so uneasy. God wants me to understand about submission. So I prayed for God’s forgiveness for my delayed respond and for my child-like reaction to Ate Ann. Later, when I was facing the computer I accessed my account in Facebook and changed my status in relation to my final decision: to cut my hair. Immediately after posting that status, a former teacher of mine from college, hit me a message:

“Hi. How are you? Hmnn, I hope you don’t mind. I’m just curious. Why cut your hair short? I’ve just remembered a verse something about short hair and long hair.”

I was surprised to see a message from my former teacher, but I replied, “Hello, Ma’am. I’m doing good by God’s grace. Yes, I’m really going to cut my hair. My spiritual leader advised me to. Even though I don’t want to cut it, I still have to because I have to submit to what she ordered me to do. She said she wanted to see the way I respond to her advise, whether I’d be willing to submit to her or not.”

In the next message, she included a verse, “New International Version (©1984) but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering. 1 Corinthians Chapter 11.”

I replied to her, “Yes, ma’am. I have read that also. But I also have to submit to authority. I do believe she has a purpose why she commanded me to cut it.”

“Yes, I understand. Test of faith. If you believe that it will glorify God, then you know what to do.”

“Test of faith! Indeed, ma’am. This is how I understand this: If I cannot submit to my leader, how then can I submit to the One who is King and LORD of Lords? If I cannot be trusted over little, then I cannot be trusted over something big. Something like this, ma’am.”

“Oh, yes, it’s biblical. It might be hard for you. But if that is what the Lord tells you, you really have to take heart. Your leader is accountable of you, and I’m sure she will not put you to harm. Whatever her motive is your response will not be in vain because the Lord knows that you are doing it for His glory.”

“AMEN! I’m blessed to have a conversation with you tonight.”

“You are welcome. I’m also so blessed with your fellowship.”

And that conversation in Facebook ended. I just smiled at my teacher’s commentary. That night, I texted Ate Ann that I’m going to cut my hair for real. And I had a peaceful sleep.

It was morning. After my devotional I always have a short time in checking this site, to post daily verse and daily quotes and so on. Most of the time, I also check my facebook account. And when I opened it that morning, I received a message from Ate Ann. It said:

“Hi Neen! Good morning. Are you stressed? Oops, were you pressured? Haha. Well, it was actually okay for me whatever you do with your hair. I just really wanted to see your reaction last night if there’s a sudden change in your life–I only used your hair! I want you to come out in your shell, my dear. Because the LORD really has something for you. I want you to come out in your comfort zone. In fact, I’ve noticed many things, but let’s remove them step by step. Let’s ask the grace of God and in that way He can use you more! Okay. Love yah!”

And I was like, oh yeah. I was then thankful that the LORD gave me an understanding about this matter. Indeed, Ate Ann really have a purpose why she wanted me to cut my hair.

I wanted to see your reaction if there’s a sudden change in your life…

And to be honest, I almost failed to meet Ate Ann’s expectation. But by God’s grace, I was able to understand my spiritual leader’s motive. To God be the glory in everything!

Conclusion: Submission to authority must be a lifestyle of every Christian.

Lesson learned: God is far more concerned with an attitude of submission than an outward display of submission via a head covering (in this case, a long hair).

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

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