WriteForACause by Jenine Silos is a personal website that aims to reach out people from corner to corner of this living planet to enable them to KNOW GOD and to help them understand the nature of God, our Abba Father, and His amazing grace through novels, short stories, book series, testimonials and daily inspirational which are therefore inspired by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Our great cause is to spread the gospels of God, to share His love for his people to online communities and social medias using our passion and ability to write. This, however, cannot be done without the help of God. All of this is for the glorification of God’s kingdom and to show our love towards the Intelligent Designer of all things: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.

We also accept works/articles from the readers or aspiring writers even if you’re not good in English, as long as you know how to construct a simple grammar and thoughts that will inspire the people. If you believe you have a testimonial to share, or any inspirational article, you can contact us using the form below:

For more information, contact us at : writerforacause@gmail.com.