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Jesus Loves You

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Your faith is new, so what? It doesn’t matter how long you are walking in Christ, He saved you from getting lost because He loves you, and not because He measures your years in faith. — JENINE SILOS

5 Ways on How to Stop an Argument

(Originally published at WriteforACause.Org)

howtostopargumentArguing each other isn’t a simple matter, no matter where you look at it, especially when the argument is so heated that might result into shouting and pointing fingers. Some arguments are foolish and full of nonsense things, some are out of pride and geniuses, while others are caused by proving one’s superiority and intellect all because he hates to lose.

James 3:17 ESV But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

If you’re a spiritual person, heated argument is something you must not come into practice—don’t make it a lifestyle! Arguing isn’t highly recommended, even if it’s just intended for a joke. But if you’re trapped in a heated argument, or discussion, or if someone leads you to debate which you cannot escape because it is often inevitable, the following ways might help you. It may not apply to all, but there is always someone out there who might need this.

  1. Do a business talk! If you feel like the discussion is nearly beyond limit, you take the initiative to make it stop. Encourage the other party that there’s no point in debating, encourage him as if you’re selling your product, meaning, do it in a pleasant, professional way! If both of you have different grounds then it’s useless, going any further might result to a more heated discussion.
  2. Don’t frown, keep smiling. If you’re at your limit, take a deep breath and smile. Just like that, yes, smile as if you’re facing a clown with his big, red lips, or simply imagine McDonalds in front of you, wait, I think that’s creepy. But if the person keeps on throwing words at you, keep smiling still, smile and reply no more. Shortly then, he will feel awkward at your smiling that shouting at you isn’t any more fit into the situation.
  3. Eat your pride. Be humble instead. This is simple, and very basic knowledge, but it is very hard to do without the grace of God! But you see, if both of you are prideful then stopping an argument is quite a struggle to both sides. Pride is not a soap (okay I’m humoring), it’s a destructive attitude that will always make you want to win any argument. Take the first step to let it go, and embrace humility, even if it means losing the discussion.
  4.  Stop and stare. So you’re done presenting your view, and he’s done also, and yet he isn’t satisfied so he keeps on muttering arguments at you, then I highly recommend that you be silent. Don’t throw replies anymore, you know it’s pointless already. I highly recommend that in the midst of his blabbering, you stop. Then stare at the person’s eyes with seriousness, or, in a very comical way. Keep mute and just stare at him or her, more likely, he will say, “What?” Good then if that’s the case, you can tell him, “Are you done? Because, well, I’m done. So, let’s eat?”
  5. Read Mark 12:31. And be reminded.

What are your other thoughts on how to stop an argument? It’s my pleasure to hear more from you, too. List it below!

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God bless the works of our hands and thoughts!

Let it Go

(Originally published at WriteforACause.Org)

Let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore. Turn away and slam the door.

This song has been ringing a lot these days. Admit it, you like the song. I like it, too. The beat, the lyrics, and everything of it. The sisterhood essence of the movie Frozen has contributed greatly to its success, and well, the story is heartwarming.

We encounter events in our life on which we feel like we can’t hold it any longer–the pressure, the problems, the issues, and personal matters. Count me in, will you? Because I do have such events in my life, too. I’m a human being alright, and thank God, I’m a Christian woman.

If we feel pressured to the point that we can’t hold back anymore, what do we do? Cry? Give up? Or do we simply ignore the feeling–a passivity? If you’re going to ask me, I rather cry than ignore it. I don’t really recommend passiveness. Passivity is never been good. And oh, please forgive me God, for I am quite a victim of this trap!

Anyway, how about we try to twist some words…

Let it go. Let it go! Don’t hold it back anymore. Turn around and pray to the Lord~

I think I didn’t quite rhyme the lyrics but, oh well, rhyming isn’t the point here. My point is the context of the whole thought. Even though I like the song, I don’t agree with the whole context of the message, I mean, why would you turn away and slam the door–from who? From everyone else? That’s isolation, isn’t it? I don’t think that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross just to isolate ourselves in the end.


Don’t Cry For Me

(Originally published at WriteforACause.Org)

I pray to the Lord that all my thoughts and even my heart will be filled with Him—Jesus. I want to think of Him every day and night, so that my soul will be filled with His unconditional love, and not be bothered by the earthly concerns. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And I don’t know what will happen later. Things happen when you least expect. Right now, I’m alive and that alone is a blessing.

for the love of GodI owe my every breath to God. Four years ago, I could have died due to a severe asthma attack. But God let me live for another four years, you see. I am truthfully thankful because within those years I was able to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I am thankful to God because He let me live in order for me to know Him more. I couldn’t wish for more. I must say, however, that four years were not enough to understand the greatness of our God. It’s not enough to study His word and it’s not enough to pay what He has done to my life. In fact, a lifetime of a healthy life is not enough. The greatness of our God is too vast and wide that no human being could try to fathom it.

I’m writing all these because the Lord has been good to me ever since I was born, in fact, I was still in my mother’s womb and He has been good to me. I’m writing this because I want my family to know that there is nothing to worry about. Whatever happens to me there is nothing to worry about. I want them to know that even if I die now, they must not cry for me. No, please don’t cry for me. Death is not to be feared of, if I happen to embrace mine, please don’t be sad. Especially to my father. I love you all.

And I also want you to know, whoever you are, that there’s nothing to worry about with your personal struggle because God is with you. You just have to be sensitive to His presence.


Don’t Swallow Your Emotion. Lest Suicidal Spirit Comes After You.

Suicide issues are now so common. Dishearteningly sad. It is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. In the Philippines, at least one Pinoy commits suicide every day according to a study by Natasha Goulbourn Foundation. Its major cause is depression and lack of hope.

In most cases, people who have suicidal attempts at the back of their brain are often recognizable by their lack of interest in life, and their depression is visible on their faces. And here I thought that merry and energetic people could be less expected to have suicidal attempts. Unfortunately, of course, I thought wrong. Because even those people who are always merry and happy-go-lucky in their lives, they actually have deep source of sorrow and depression within.

Recently, and just this week, a friend of mine and a classmate, has been admitted to the hospital. The reason? He attempted suicide. In fact, he did not attempted suicide—he did really commit suicide by drinking a mixed of muriatic acid and baygon. Fortunately, God has still a plan for his life and has given him a chance to live because someone from his boarding house saw him in his room and brought him immediately to the nearest hospital. Right now he has a third degree burn on his throat and lungs. Eventually, he could not eat any solid neither drink a water. But he lives.

I was surprised, of course, when I heard the news about his suicide attempt. He was someone who was so merry, happy-go-lucky, energetic, and a very active person. I especially like his karate moves and techniques (he’s a black belter). He even taught us about his turning back kick, a defense move good for emergency cases, especially that we are girls. When we’re in a group, he was often the one who initiates the laughing scene.

We’re not that close, but I know that he doesn’t share his emotions to anyone including his closest friends. He keeps it to himself. He was someone who could not dare to share what his real insights and feelings are. One of his close friends said to me, “He thought he was left alone. That no one is on his side anymore. He couldn’t tell us because he was afraid that we won’t understand.”

It’s because of our deep concern of our emotions that we are blinded to see the truth and the real beauty of life. Humans are so emotional. Our emotions come from God because God has emotions. However, our emotions are full of fleshly desires and we rely to our own understanding.

People disregard God’s emotions because they are so concern of their own feelings. Whatever they feel they keep it to themselves especially when they don’t know how to share. Until they come to a point that they cannot contain the emotions any longer. Then they will start questioning, WHY? Why…why…of all people, it’s me? Most often than not, they will blame God for the perils and unceasing struggles happening in their lives.

And they miss one thing…

They keep their emotions to themselves alone, instead of laying them down to God.  

We often forgot that in everything we do, in whatever we face, we should always remember God. We are so concern of our own struggles and principles that we forgot to look up to God to ask for His guidance and mercy. If we keep our emotions to ourselves, and when we dwell on it not looking up to God, someone is actually rejoicing for you—Satan. The enemy is legalistic and he will use your difficult situation against you. He will use your own emotion against you. And against God. The devil will inflict negatives thoughts to your mind and if you don’t trust in the LORD, the spirit of suicide will surely come after you.

If you dwell on your own emotions so much, negative thoughts will reinforce in your mind. It’s always better to engage in a small spiritual group, or to learn to speak out your emotions to someone you trust, because in that way you will be guided. If you share what’s bothering you inside then there’s a greater chance to avoid loneliness and hopelessness. Because you will receive advises and counsels. And you will have more understanding about the situation and you not only dwell on your own.

If you know someone who is currently depressed and sad, approach that person in whatever way you can. You do not know…you might be the person that God has sent to save that depressed person from his current dilemma.

Conclusion: Do not dwell on your own emotions and understanding. Always look up to God whose heart can be trusted. Look for someone you can share your emotions and problems with, in that way you will receive counsel and advise. More importantly, do not entertain the spirit of suicide and loneliness. Because we don’t have the right to kill our lives, for it is not our own.

“Be not overly wicked; neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?”(Ecclesiastes 7:17 ESV) 

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

The LORD our God is a Literal God.

Some say that Christians are taking up the scriptures so literally, and indeed, we are literal. Because we have a literal God. He is very literal and he does not tolerate inaccuracies and fallacies nor the ignorance of men, in one way or another, the Truth will be made known to them.

As such, when a Christian is convicted to share what is in his heart to his fellow men, an unbeliever would find his ways to repel what has been said, for he is blinded by his own principles. When you quote verses among them, some would probably say, “Don’t quote me with your verses. You’re taking it so literally.” Unfortunately, for the unbelievers who keep denying the Truth for their own principles, they miss one thing: that is to know that, indeed, we Christians are taking the scriptures and the principles of God literally. It is because our God is literal Himself!

What does it mean to be literal? It means that our God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Israel is an actual, Living God, and is not exaggerated or inaccurate; his principles are not overstated; and His words and commandments and laws were not written for the sake of historical importance but they’re there for us to read it and know that He is God.

God is literal for He is accurate and true to His word. But God also works in mysterious ways that it is difficult for a man to understand it, for His works are not comparable with the works of men. He is indeed literal to his commandments and laws, nonetheless, in the scriptures Jesus also speaks in parables so that people can relate to it to life and make an understanding out of it.

The scriptures is literal. It is not inconsistent. It is not inaccurate nor exaggerated, as some others claim it to be. Many are parables that Jesus has spoken, yet in his parables and illustrations they are all true and literal regarding to the lives of men. What has been written on it can still be observed up to this day, even till the end of age.

I do not force you to read the scriptures, but I am suggesting that there is no better option than to read the word of God. Only then you will know that God is a literal God: He is not inaccurate, nor his principles and laws.

Be still. And know that He is God.

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

Pray High

In our journey as Christians, we face problems, persecutions, and personal struggles. There are moments in our life that we feel so down, depressed, lonely, and sad. We are in a constant struggle. As long as we are here on this world we are still vulnerable to temptations, problems, and struggles. But the good thing about us who have Jesus Christ in our lives is that we know that we are not abandoned. We are not alone in our struggles. WE HAVE A GOD. In our constant struggles in life we become even more stronger in the LORD, especially when we overcome the problem, knowing that God is walking with us.

In our journey in life, then, prayer is a valuable weapon. It is our way of communicating to God. In our prayers we can report to God and cry, “Abba Father!” “Help me, oh, LORD.”

Prayer is a powerful tool. Through prayers we can intercede for others. Through prayers we can have hope. Hope in the Living God who will answer us in His own time. We must pray diligently and wait until God answers us. Though there are times we feel like God is not listening to our prayers anymore, that He is not answering us. But in such cases, God is being silent for a reason that He alone knows. It might be He wants us to understand something.

But to pray once is sometimes not enough. We have to pray higher. Remember that prayer is our great way of communicating to God, whether it be solemn, or in a not-so-formal way. There are no requirements when we pray to God, it doesn’t need position, status, formalities, or anything. Just pray and be yourself when talking to Him. God knows your heart. Your motive.

God loves it when we pray. Because He knows that we are thinking of Him and that we need Him in our lives.

Always have a quiet time with the LORD.

And pray. But praying once is not enough. PRAY HIGH.

All articles are written by Jenine Silos. Unless otherwise stated.

Humble Yourself and Submit to Authority

Written by: Jenine Silos

What does the bible say about submission? What does it really mean? Is it really necessary for Christians to have a submissive heart? And why do we need to submit?

Hebrews 13:17 “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.”

Submission means consistently putting other needs and benefits before your own, a willingness to yield or surrender to somebody.

Submitting to leaders is not a fictional principle, but it is very biblical! God commands us to submit to those who are in authority over us. Romans 13:1 “Let every person be subject to governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

By submitting to our leaders, we are also submitting to the One who is in authority over us—that is, Christ. In order to submit, we really need to have a humble heart, a heart that is willing to surrender and lay down everything before God. Hence, we should desire and pray for a humble heart, and be willing to completely submit to God.

We must not only submit to our leaders, but to “each other.” Ephesians 5:21 “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Paul is teaching us to submit to one another. And that’s the gospel of Christ, being slaves to each other. And even though we have our own spiritual leaders (and that we have to submit to them), all of us have no other leader but Him. We are all under Jesus’ leadership.

We need to submit to our leaders because God said so. Romans 13:1-7 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.”

Titus 3:1 “Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work,”

So if you find a hard time in humbling yourself to your leaders, then pray to God. Pray to Jesus and ask for Him a humble heart. But asking for a humble heart actually starts with a desire, and that desire leads you to decide — a decision to deny yourself and completely follow Christ.  There are people who have the desire but they don’t have firm decision, some could not even decide because they know that if they will, they will have to abandon their sins—the worldly pleasures.

Pray for a humble heart. And submit to Authority—Jesus Christ, including to those people who are instituted by God, the leaders.

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning!

Written by: Jenine Silos

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Learning happens all the time. It simply happens wherever you are even when you don’t expect it at all. The necessity to acquire knowledge to compete with today’s standards is not enough reason to start learning, because learning will present itself without actually wanting it; sometimes you will just know something when you realize it’s already there.

Suppose you go to a coffee shop, and it’s not the usual shop that you go into but it’s the nearest one to your school so you go there anyway. Then you order a cup of brewed coffee with a plate of pancake. And you ask the attendee for the wifi’s password while you start up your laptop, and they reply “Sorry Miss. But we don’t offer WiFi in our shop.” Suppose you thought that every coffee shop is a wifi area, however, this circumstance helps you to conclude that not all coffee shop is a WiFi Spot. It’s not a big knowledge but it’s an experience wherein you learn that not all coffee shops are wifi spots. You never expect it from the start, there’s no necessity of it, but you learn something new.

Learning is not just all about acquiring of knowledge just for the sake of it. Learning is there when you realize something new aside from what you already know. It is there even when you don’t expect it.

Well, the principle of learning is very simple—it just never stops!

How great would it be if we apply the principle of learning to our relationship with Christ! Can you imagine a relationship with Christ that just never stops? Suppose a person isn’t a follower of Christ, he knows there is a God but he doesn’t seek for it, because he doesn’t want a God to rule his life. But that’s not enough reason for him not to know God. Because in one way or another, Jesus Christ himself, our LORD and Savior, will present Himself to that man. He will be known even when a person claims he doesn’t need God. Jesus did not come to call the righteous, but the sinners, that include those people who live a godless life.

And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17)

How great would it be if we apply the principle of learning to our daily walks with Christ! We will then never stop getting thirsty for the word of God. We are always hungry. Hungry for the new revelations and wisdom from God! True learning is acquired from God and not by man’s works alone—and it never stops!

Even when a person doesn’t have the desire to learn about God, in one way or another, God himself will be made known to him. But the crucial issue is not about his learning, but it is when it already involves his personal RESPONSE. God will reveal himself to us, but knowing He is real will not save us. Because what matters now is the way how we respond to His calling…by that I meant…

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ cleansed our sins by dying at the cross? Do you accept Him as our personal LORD and Savior? Are you willing to die and give up yourself to faithfully follow Him?”

For to us, in Christ, we should never stop learning more about Him. Be a lifelong student of God!

Jesus is the Only Way

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Written by: Jenine Silos

We Christians do not take on people personally. While some others think that we’re so religious to a point that we seemed (for them) to be condemning unbelievers, others think that we’re so annoying—with all that preachment and holiness stuffs. Most often than not, our best persecutors are our families and close friends.

I have been a born again Christian for more than two years, nevertheless, in my daily walks with Christ I have been confused why people love to persecute us with our faith—the faith which we cannot see but so true and alive within us. Until a basic thought, and yet the most critical fact, has enlightened my mind:

It is hard for those who do not believe in Christ, for those who do not walk with Him, to understand the way of a Christian living. Which is why, it is not hard for them to persecute us Christians. And it is a constant affair that they are likely to question our faith. It is likely for them to feel uneasy, sometimes annoyed, whenever we start to preach or share the good news. Sometimes even, I think they see us as someone who carries a contagious disease wherein they cannot dare to go near us.

And yet despite some people who refuse to accept the Truth in their lives, we Christians are in a constant struggle to pursue what is right in the eyes of the LORD: that is, to win them back no matter what it cost.

And just like everybody else, we Christians are also humans. Though our emotions are still there, we cannot hate the sinners, we cannot hate our brethrens. In fact, we do not hate them at all. Even if we do, we have no right to do so. Because we’re sinners as well. The only difference is that we are already cleansed from our sins. Jesus Christ who died at the cross washed our sins away. And He could do the same for you and everyone else if only you would have faith in Him, only if you accept Him and repent your sins before Him. Only then you are saved.

God hates the sin and not the sinners. Without God’s grace and love, we are spiritually and physically dead already. And as a Christian who knows the grace and love of God, it is our responsibility to share the good news about Jesus Christ, our Personal LORD and Savior.

Once again, we do not take on people personally. But one thing is certain, that we Christians do not force our religion to other people. We do not insist to force people to believe in our religion, as some others would immediately think that way. Because it’s not about religion. What we’re actually doing is helping our brothers and sisters to return back to God and be reconciled with Him, which can only be done by building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ his Son. In order to build a personal relationship with Christ, the initial requirement is to believe in the Son, to accept Him as our Savior who washed our sins away by dying at the cross. We must first acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Savior—the only way to be saved, in fact!

“32 So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, 33 but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32-33)

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Jesus is the only way to salvation. To be reconciled with the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and in Him alone is the only way. Seeking Him through reading the scriptures (the bible) you will find the answers that humans could not give. And to have an understanding of God’s word we need the conviction of the Holy Spirit, so we really need to pray and seek for it. So pray diligently.

Once again, the initial requirement to be saved is to have faith in the Son, to believe and accept Him as our personal LORD and Savior, and to believe that He paid the price by dying at the cross. By faith in Jesus Christ alone we can be saved. But it is important to note that it’s not by faith alone, because when there is faith there also is commitment. We are committed to follow Jesus Christ and walk in His ways.

So rejoice, because Jesus Christ is the only way!

Be a Blessing to Others

Written by: Jenine Silos

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16 ESV)

Indeed, as it is written, let your light shine before others and they will see God’s presence in your life, and the Father will be glorified.  God has purposes for everything, even with the smallest details in your life and in every action that you take. Yesterday night, I wrote an article in contribution to this site’s cause, WHY SUNDAYS ARE HAPPY DAYS?  One person immediately responded that she was blessed by the article, and I am thankful to God that he has used me for this cause, so that Him will be glorified.

And much to my surprise, as I opened my facebook account early this morning, someone I know (another person) has tagged me in her status update. Upon reading her post, my heart suddenly jumped in surprise and happiness. WHY? I am blessed to know that SHE is blessed with the article. Only two persons are blessed, yes, but two souls are every ESPECIAL to the Lord our God, so I am very blessed to have this opportunity to make articles that will bless others. God has inspired me to write articles that will please Him, and so be it, and all glory belongs to God alone. I do not boast, but in HIM I boast.

To quote the person’s post, in our language it says, “because of you, kaw jud naka encourage saku. gi try naku open sa fb n khen and message inbox then i click your name nagchat mo sat may nakita ko na site na ghatag nmo sa iya then i click nabsa naku yup tama ka neen Sundays are a Happy Days thank u so much sa pag encourage kay tungod gibaliwala naku ang pag simba sa kadaghan og reasons na konsensiya ko ug maau sorry Lord… ug daghan salamat sa pag encourage neen god bless always your the best writter…”

“Because of you. You’re the person who encouraged me. I tried to open Khen’s (her lover)  facebook to check the message inbox. I clicked your name and saw that the two of you have chatted last Saturday! Then I saw a site that you’ve recommended to Khen, so I clicked it and read the articles. Yes, you’re right, Neen. SUNDAYS are HAPPY DAYS. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I have disregarded going to church for so many reasons! I’m guilty, I am so sorry, Lord.  And thank you so much Neen for the encouragement, God bless you always. You’re the best writer….”

This girl and I aren’t close enough in personal. That’s why I always get surprise whenever she hit me messages. But I know her because she’s the lover of my mother’s friend, which is also a friend of mine, until she has become my friend, too. She’s very pretty but she has a life that I cannot condemn — for there is no condemnation in Christ. I am actually blessed at her testimonial, that she’s blessed with the article, that’s why I am writing this now — BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS. And you will see that the LORD our God is doing all these things.

It is not me. It is God. 

For I am just a person whom He has used to inspire others. And it is my pleasure to write for a cause, so that the Father will be glorified and all people will see His greatness and glory.

To the two persons who were encouraged by the article, Analyn and Chiaki, I just want to say that I am more blessed for knowing that you are blessed with the article which God has inspired me to write. I pray that the Lord our God will continue in touching your hearts.

I am your partner. Your partner in prayers.

God bless to all who is reading this article.

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Give Thanks

Written by: Jenine Silos

Give thanks with a grateful heart, in everything we do, give thanks.

Whether it is a failure, a suffering or a trial, give thanks to the LORD our God for in this times we are disciplined, we become even more stronger and courageous. If we are disciplined then it means God loves us, for who is a father who loves his child that does not discipline him? Proverbs 13:34 Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

In every failure there is gain, success never starts automatically, it starts from failure. There is no top without bottom. There is no rich without poor. And so thus there is no problem without a solution – there is – we just have to ask for God’s guidance and help to enable us to solve them.

Cover of "Holy Bible"

Cover of Holy Bible

And to start reading the Bible is the start of understanding of what God really wants for us, it’s our daily bread that will equip us in our lives, in our daily walk with Him….and by reading the Bible we will know that God answers our prayers. Because everything is written in it.

It is important to note that it is not by our own hands that we have accomplished something great, it is not by man alone, but it is GOD’s way of telling you “Hey, son, I am here.” For there is nothing a man can do without the help of the LORD. If there is suffering, know that it is one of God’s way of reminding us in our sinful ways so that we may repent and turn back to Him.

At times, people suffer and encounter so much trials and pain, but we must know that God’s way of handling things are indescribable to the human’s mind; there are times that we just have to suffer so that God can test our hearts. Are we just obeying His words just for the sake of obeying, or are we obeying Him because we have the knowledge that He is God and Lord of Lords, and that we are doing it with a willing heart?

Rediscover you heart today. Examine yourself. Take time to spend time with God and talk to Him. In Him you will find peace, a kind of peace that the world cannot offer.