Anime Survey

I plan to create a survey from the readers. I’m writing a book about anime fanaticism. I have completed about 12 chapters but there are still more to add about the topic. Perhaps if you may or may not, your answers and opinions will help me in brainstorming.

If you are anime lover, please tell me about your side and choose to answer at least one question from the following:

  1. Do you think anime is good? Yes or No, and Why?
  2. What benefits do you gain by watching Japanese cartoons?
  3. Do you know what’s the history of anime? What’s your opinion about it? Kindly share it with us.
  4. Share some of your experience with anime fanaticism.
  5. Do you think God is pleased with this kind of entertainment?
  6. How do you think anime is different from other entertainment?

That’s it. Thanks a lot and I will certainly appreciate your efforts and answers! Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, please spread the survey!!! The more, the better.

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7 thoughts on “Anime Survey

  1. Mushyrulez

    I believe that all secular entertainment is equal in the eyes of God, whether that’s anime, film, literature, art, or even physical activity. I would suggest adding in a sixth question: “How do you think anime is different from other entertainment?”, which will definitely help with the specific mention of anime in this survey 😛


  2. erinyoung22

    I might as well pitch in. I’ve seen a few anime, and generally it’s good, if it has a decent plot. Some animes out there are all crazy and spontaneous, mostly entertainment for people who don’t want to think and want to just watch. When I watched Fullmetal Alchemist, I fully enjoyed it because of the plot twists and engaging characters.
    What benefits do I gain? I suppose it mostly helps my imagination, but it also inspires me as an artist to come up with new ideas for drawing. It also influences me to get better at my art style and be able to come up with a well-done drawing that also is creative.
    I never grew up religious, but I don’t see why God would hate something that’s only meant for entertainment.
    How is anime different? Well, for once, it comes from creators who live in an entirely different type of culture, though anime can relate to almost anyone with the way they portray facial expressions and problems. It’s different because of the style, and different because (most) of them have a long, deep plot attached. Unlike western cartoons where each episode has a small plot an is solved at the end of each, anime can take multiple episodes to solve one problem.

    Hope this helps!


  3. sweetpea616

    1.Do you think anime is good? Yes or No, and Why?
    – This is unbelievably subjective. Just like any other medium, it can be good or bad depending on the story being told, the characters, and all the other factors that go into making something ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Obviously, people’s opinions will be influenced by the anime that they’ve been exposed to.
    2.What benefits do you gain by watching Japanese cartoons?
    – Not only does it give a little view into Japanese culture and values, but it exposes me to a completely different way of thinking and imagination. A lot of the Japanese ideas about fantasy and hwo they portray those are completely different from how American showsdo. There’s also a distinct difference in what they find fascinating (zombies are very popular in American fiction, but in Japan they’re nearly non-existant). It opens up whole new worlds of world-building (since I’m a writer, this is a HUGE and wonderful thing!).
    3.Do you know what’s the history of anime? What’s your opinion about it? Kindly share it with us.
    – After WWII, Japan was pretty much bankrupted. People still would go to the movies, but the budget for travelling to film movies and paying actors was virtually nonexistant. Animation was a valid way of telling stories that was cheaper and more easily produced than live-action, which was a huge draw. It wasn’t truly “mainstream” (since it’s actually still not that mainstream and has some cultural taboos concerning the fans in Japan) until the 80’s, but until then a decent number of anime were made and were made to appeal to both genders and various ages. Many from earlier eras are based off of Western novels like Anne of Green Gables. Still more have a clear Western influence, like 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. But because they are Japan and an entirely different culture, their genres did diverge, as well as the common trops associated with the genres. It makes a whole lot of sense that it did so. I’m not sure that it’s possible to have an opinion on this since it’s just fact.
    4.Share some of your experience with anime fanaticism.
    – There are all sorts. You have casual fans that are familiar with Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note but know nothing about the titles beyond that. You have people that are rabid, rude fans of certain show (Hetalia comes to mind as particularly vicious, but every anime has one or two). And there are people that just enjoy it for what it is, much like the people who follow any given American tv show.
    5.Do you think God is pleased with this kind of entertainment?
    – As much as with any other kind of entertainment. It depends on the content.
    6.How do you think anime is different from other entertainment?
    – What really got me into it was that in American TV, there’s a distinct lack of shows for a) girls, and b) tween/teen girls that have any sort of wholesome message or…. well, they treated me like I was stupid and shallow, and there were only one or two shows aimed at my gender/age in existance regardless. America completely ignored us. Japan? They have some amazing shows aimed at girls of that age (or that we can at least appreciate and enjoy) that are fantastic! And if you open up into manga, there are SO MANY. They also don’t ignore that it’s entirely possible to animate serious stories, This is very disconcerting to Americans, who tend towards thinking that all animation is for kids. I like it, though, since it allows for shows that would *never* be able to be produced and run for the legnths that some anime do (Monster is my primary example). And since they are usually planned out for only a set amount of episodes, very few are allowed to ‘jump the shark’. I can think of too many American shows that are drawn out just too long just because they can be.


      1. sweetpea616

        You’re welcome. It’s hard not to have an answer for all of these – I’ve been lurking in the community for too long for that! ^.^” Especially since I’ve seen these questions tossed around the CAA a few times.


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