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Anime Survey

I plan to create a survey from the readers. I’m writing a book about anime fanaticism. I have completed about 12 chapters but there are still more to add about the topic. Perhaps if you may or may not, your answers and opinions will help me in brainstorming.

If you are anime lover, please tell me about your side and choose to answer at least one question from the following:

  1. Do you think anime is good? Yes or No, and Why?
  2. What benefits do you gain by watching Japanese cartoons?
  3. Do you know what’s the history of anime? What’s your opinion about it? Kindly share it with us.
  4. Share some of your experience with anime fanaticism.
  5. Do you think God is pleased with this kind of entertainment?
  6. How do you think anime is different from other entertainment?

That’s it. Thanks a lot and I will certainly appreciate your efforts and answers! Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, please spread the survey!!! The more, the better.

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